Apollo Manzanita Parrot Activity Center - 24"X24" Medium 1"-1.25" AFM2 FREE SHIPPING


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Best Suited For:

  • Medium Macaws,
  • Goffin Cockatoos,
  • Conures,
  • Timneh African Gray,
  • Amazon,
  • Eclectus,
  • Birds & Parrots of a similar size

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The APOLLO AFM2 is an incredible parrot stand suitable for most birds & parrots featuring 9 replaceable sandblasted manzanita perches. There are plenty of toy hooks too for hanging your FID’s favorite toys. Your parrot will love getting out of their cage to spend hours playing and climbing.



  • Height: ~51"
  • Width: ~24"
  • Depth: ~24"
Perch Diameter
  • ~ 1" - 1 1/4" 

*Some assembly is required but we'll provide you with easy to follow instructions. Tools needed: Phillips Screwdriver



  • Versatility
Our Manzanita Activity Centers are designed to have interchangable perch branches to enhance exercise and conditioning for your parrot. Incredibly easy to move the perches around. All hardware is hidden and not accessible to your parrot.
Because our Manzanita Activity Centers are so versatile, even when your perches need to be replaced there is no need to buy a new stand, you can buy a perch replacement pack for half the cost (available in our store COMING SOON).  ALSO coming soon, we aim to have GRAPEWOOD perch kits available too!  We all know that most birds like to chew and replacing the branches rather than a whole new tree makes the purchase a no-brainer! You may even decide to purchase a replacement set along with your tree and save on shipping.

  • Durability
Manzanita is a very dense hard wood. In fact, it is considered the 6th hardest wood in the world. It will outlast any other when it comes to satisfying your bird's inherent need to chew and gnaw. The impeccable quality of our construction solidifies this dynamic.

  • Mobility
This parrot stand is equipped with (4) 2 1/2" furniture grade dual wheel locking casters. These make it very easy to move around the house when assembled. Assembly is also very simple and the stand could easily broken down and taken with your on your travels.

  • Safety
We use 100% bird-safe materials for our products. We also sand down any potentially hazardous "pointy" areas on the branches to ensure safety.

  • Cleanliness
This stand is equipped with a seed catcher made from an easily cleanable melamine countertop surface completed with routed and sanded Douglas Fir trim. We all know that "where there's a will, there's a way" and messy birds will be messy birds but the seed catcher does function to eliminate a large part of this mess. The stand can also be scrubbed clean with ease.

Say "YES!" Your decision to provide a tree stand for your parrot is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding the health and well-being of your parrot. Next to a cage, there isn’t anything that can improve your parrots day to day life than having a Sandblasted Manzanita Parrot Tree Stand or Table Top from Manzanita Habitats.

Unlike other Parrot Stands, such as Java, our Manzanita is harvested and hand-crafted in the United States. Support the domestic market!


Bring a piece of nature back into your bird's life! 

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